Thirst is the phenomenon which testifies to need to fill a deposit of moisture in an organism. Thirst is observed at the healthy person after heavy exercise stresses, during a strong heat, after the use of very spicy and salty food. However if the feeling that getting thirsty does not leave constantly, then such symptom can be rather serious and confirm development of a serious illness.

How thirst is shown?

At thirst of people feels irresistible desire to drink liquid. Thirst is one of the main biological motivations which provides normal functioning of an organism. The feeling of thirst promotes maintenance of balance between contents in an organism of salts and waters.

The main manifestation of thirst is strong dryness in a mouth and a throat that is explained by lowering of secretion of saliva owing to shortage of water in an organism. In this case it is about true thirst. Sometimes the same symptoms develop after the use of very dry food, after long conversation, smoking. It is false thirst which can be eliminated, having only humidified an oral cavity. If it is about true thirst, then moistening softens only a little, but does not eliminate desire to drink.

Жажда, очень хочется питьNot to allow thirst emergence, it is necessary to resupply timely liquid in an organism. For this purpose it is necessary to know how to calculate water requirement. Today it is considered to be that daily water requirement for the healthy adult equals about 30-40 g on 1 kg of its weight. Applying such rule, it is possible to calculate easily what need of an organism for water in days for the person with a certain weight. But, making such calculations, it is necessary to consider surely that the need of the person for water is influenced also by some other factors. If the person often sweats in view of active lifestyle, it will be needs additional liquid. One more factor influencing thirst emergence is air temperature. In hot days or in too hot room it is necessary to drink much more. Loss of liquid is increased by stressful situations, some diseases, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Physicians say that in the form of pure drinking water normal the person has to use about 1,2 l of liquid every day. One more part of water gets to an organism with various food.

Why there is a thirst?

Why getting thirsty, speaks very simply. Thirst arises as the human body regularly loses moisture. Moisture is lost both at physical, and at intellectual loadings. Thirst can overcome also at feeling of strong excitement. But if it is about constant thirst, then the person feels desire to drink constantly, and, then how many liquid he drank earlier, does not matter. It is accepted to call pathological thirst a polydipsia.

In medicine the variety of reasons which define emergence at the person of constant thirst is defined. First of all, getting much thirsty if in an organism there is no moisture or salt. Such phenomenon can become result of severe vomiting, diarrhea, etc.

Most often the human body lacks liquid in hot days. If the human body arrives not enough water, then in order to avoid dehydration the organism begins to work in the moisture preservation mode. Skin dries, dry up mucous membranes, eyes sink down. The urination becomes very rare as the organism tries to keep moisture. Therefore at high temperatures, at diarrhea, vomiting, plentiful sweating it is necessary to drink a lot of liquid. At recovery in an organism of a water balance thirst disappears.

Стакан с водойThirst can be provoked by the use of too large number of alcohol, salty products, kofeinosoderzhashchy food. Often a lot of water at pregnancy is thirsty women, especially during the warm period of year. Thirst is also caused by a number of medicamentous means. Can getting thirsty at reception of diuretic drugs, antibiotics of a tetracycline row, lithium, a fenotiazin.

Sometimes the person himself does not understand why he getting thirsty much. In that case the speech can go about development of some serious diseases.

Unrestrained thirst very often can demonstrate development in the person of a diabetes mellitus. Especially parents have to show consideration for such symptom at the kid. If the child is thirsty often, and also he observes a plentiful and frequent urination, then it can testify to the beginning of a diabetes mellitus. In this case thirst is observed because there is a disturbance of hormonal balance in an organism that, in turn, involves disturbance of a water salt metabolism.

The constant feeling of thirst can demonstrate also the increased function of epithelial bodies. At such disease the person complains and on other symptoms — weakness in muscles is felt, weight loss, strong fatigue is observed. Urine of white color as it is painted by the calcium which is washed away from bones is emitted.

In most cases thirst accompanies diseases of kidneys — a glomerulonephritis, pyelonephritis, a hydronephrosis, etc. At damage of a kidney cannot hold a necessary amount of water so the need for liquid considerably increases in an organism. In this case thirst can be followed by hypostases as the amount of the emitted urine decreases.

Sometimes, that thirst is a consequence of neurosurgical operations or traumatizing a brain. It can lead to development of not diabetes mellitus. In spite of the fact that the person drinks a lot of liquid for day, thirst is not satisfied.

The thirst which arose because of nerves often develops at stressful situations. In most cases such phenomenon is characteristic of women. Except thirst at female representatives in such state are often observed tearfulness, irritability, whims, is constantly thirsty the woman and to sleep.

Dependence on drugs can be one more important reason of constant thirst at the person. Parents have to consider this moment, watching behavior of the children if they are often and strongly thirsty.

Except the diseases stated above constant thirst can testify to a hyperglycemia, liver diseases, infections, burns. At cardiac pathologies thirst is caused by the fact that heart cannot provide the necessary level of blood supply.

How I am eager to overcome?

Желание утолить жаждуIf all the time is very thirsty the person, then, first of all, it is necessary to take care of excluding existence of serious diseases. To define the reasons why getting often thirsty, it is possible after carrying out high-quality and full diagnosis. Therefore at suspicion on development of a diabetes mellitus and other diseases which can be followed by strong thirst it is necessary to visit the doctor and in detail to tell it about symptoms. First of all, it is desirable to get advice of the endocrinologist. The specialist will appoint the general and biochemical researches. Existence of the raised sugar level in blood confirms development of a diabetes mellitus. But if diabetes or other serious diseases are revealed at an early stage, then it is possible to prevent serious effects much more simply.

At a diabetes mellitus to the patient those medicines which will reduce sugar level in blood are appointed. At accurate observance of the scheme of treatment it is possible to reduce unpleasant symptoms and to avoid manifestation of constant thirst.

But if thirst exasperates without the visible reasons, it is necessary to reconsider some habits. First of all, you should not satisfy thirst with carbonated sweet drinks, beer, other alcoholic drinks. Mineral water — also not the best option for a thirst satisfying as it contains a large amount of salts.

In a diet there has to be less than tinned, smoked, fat and too salty dishes. It is especially important to follow this rule in hot days. During the summer period vegetables, fruit, the food steamed will help to avoid constant desire to drink. It is undesirable to satisfy thirst with cold water as the organism will much better acquire water of room temperature. It is very good to satisfy thirst in hot days with the cooled unsweetened tea, broth of mint, raspberry and other berries or herbs. It is possible to add to water a little juice of a lemon also.

If thirst is provoked by medicines, it is necessary to report about it to the doctor who can appoint substitutes of such drugs or change the scheme of treatment.

If thirst is a stress effect, you should not drink a large amount of water constantly. Rather periodically to moisten lips, to rinse a mouth water. To overcome a stress because of which there is a desire to drink vegetable drugs — tincture of a motherwort, valerian can help.

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