Yellow skin

Yellow face skin, hands, other body parts of the person can be observed at the different diseases connected with activity of internals of the person.

How yellow skin color is shown?

Yellow skin color is connected with products of bilirubin – a pigment which is a part of blood. Bilirubin is a decomposition product of proteins of the hemoglobin which is contained in erythrocytes and carrying out transport function in an organism (movement of carbon dioxide and oxygen). Bilirubin is removed from a human body with a chair. If owing to certain reasons in its human body collects much, then maculas lutea on skin can be a consequence of it.

Owing to increase of content of bilirubin in an organism first of all skin turns yellow. At the person yellow skin standing, yellow skin under eyes, yellow skin around nails, etc. can be noted. Whites of the eyes, palms, the lower surface of language can also turn yellow. At the same time at the person urine darkens, it gains color of beer.

If skin on a body or on hands yellow, then it can be tied with the high level of carotene in blood. Most often yellow skin around a mouth or yellow skin around eyes is observed at people who a long time adhere orange or diets, use some medicines.

If yellowing of skin nevertheless is connected with disturbances of removal of bilirubin from an organism, then three types of jaundices in that case are defined.

Hemolitic jaundice is diagnosed at too fast disintegration of hemoglobin. Very large amount of bilirubin is in that case formed, and the liver cannot effectively process an indirect bilirubin in a straight line. As a result, the level of an indirect bilirubin increases.

Development of hepatic jaundice is connected with damage of a liver owing to a viral hepatitis, cirrhosis, alcohol influence, etc. In this case the amount of direct bilirubin increases in blood.

Cholestatic jaundice develops in view of bile movement disturbances as in a human body the bilious courses are corked. In blood increase in amount of direct bilirubin is noted.

Why yellow skin color is shown?

Желтизна кожиThe reasons of yellow skin on different body parts of the person can be connected with some serious diseases. Often symptoms of yellow skin appear at different diseases of a liver. This sign is characteristic of acute and chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, Gilbert's syndrome. The reasons of yellow skin color can be also connected with damage of a liver parasites, emergence of cysts. At liver diseases except yellowing of skin also other symptoms are noted: pale chair, dark urine, fever, abdominal pain. The person loses appetite, can lose weight.

The reasons of yellowness of skin sometimes should be looked for being able and functioning of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways of the person. In this case to answer a question why skin color yellow, will help complex inspection. Besides, yellowing of skin can happen at a drunkenness, poisoning with medicines or toxic agents, at serious hemorrhages and burns. However even if after inspection a question why skin yellow, remains open, the person should pay attention to the general way of life surely. Sometimes yellowing of skin arises at malicious smoking, at almost continuous stay of the person indoors. It is necessary to reconsider surely a food allowance as to yellowness of skin can give surplus of sweet and dry products in a diet.

Skin can turn yellow also owing to the use in food of a large number of carrots and dishes from it, and also at continuous addition in food of caraway seeds, vinegar which influence provokes accumulation of vapors of bile in blood.

If pale yellow skin color is marked, and at the same time maculas lutea are on an iris of the eye of an eye and during a century, then it is possible to suspect that in an organism the lipidic exchange is broken owing to what the content of cholesterol increases.

Yellowness of skin can sometimes demonstrate progressing in a human body of an oncological disease. Yellowness of skin at cancer is noticeable on a face, at the same time the "wax" anemic shade of skin is noted.

Желтый оттенок кожиIf the shade of integuments becomes orange, then it can be a hypothyroidism symptom. At this illness functioning of a thyroid gland is broken. At such pathology in an organism the insufficient amount of those substances which process beta carotene can be noted. As a result, there is an accumulation of carotene in subcutaneous fat, as conducts to skin discoloration. In this case how to get rid of yellowness of skin, the doctor-endocrinologist after establishment of the exact diagnosis will prompt.

If yellow skin color is observed at the newborn baby, then this phenomenon can be connected with reaction of its organism to serious changes, that is change of habitat. In this case it is about the so-called physiological alfalfa butterfly. At the kid bilirubin is produced in very large numbers. Approximately to the third weeks of life skin color gradually becomes normal. However it is all the same necessary to consult with the doctor not to miss development of pathological jaundice.

How to get rid of yellow skin color?

Before practicing any methods of treatment of this state, it is necessary to define with what reason yellowing of integuments is connected. At the expressed yellowness of skin it is necessary to address the infectiologist, the endocrinologist, the gastroenterologist, the hematologist.

Желтый цвет кожиTreatment of the person at which yellow skin of hands, the person or other areas of a body is noted is carried out depending on that diagnosis which was established by the specialist. Sometimes in the absence of a serious illness yellowness of skin can independently disappear after a while, without treatment.

As a rule, at diseases of a liver, zhelchevyvodyashchy ways complex treatment is appointed. In the first days of therapy yellowing of integuments, as a rule, decreases. Complex treatment can include reception of medicines, physical therapy, surgical intervention.

At newborn children signs of physiological yellowing of skin disappear in several weeks after the birth. However the doctor has to watch a state of health of the child not to miss development of pathology of a liver. Sometimes the newborn carries out phototherapy: some time for the child is influenced by a luminescence of a fluorescent lamp. Under its action there is a destruction and removal from a bilirubin organism.

To prevent yellowing of skin it is necessary to show consideration for a state of health and at the first symptoms of diseases to see a doctor. It is necessary to take measures not to allow infection with a viral hepatitis (the protected sexual contacts, observance of rules of hygiene).

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