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  • Latin name: Zhenale
  • ATH code: G03XB01
  • Active ingredient: Mifepristone (Mifepristone)
  • Producer: LLC Izvarino of a farm, Russia


One tablet contains: active ingredient of mifepristone – 10 mg + additional ingredients (potato starch, sodium carboxymethylstarch, monohydrate of lactose, povidone, magnesium stearate).

Release form

Medicine is let out in the form of round, convex tablets. Color – yellow with green. In packagings or banks on one tablet, in a pack 1 or 2 tablets.

Pharmacological action

Contraceptive, antigestagenny.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Active ingredient of drug – mifepristone – steroid synthetic means which considerably reduces sensitivity of progestinovy receptors. Substance has no gestagenny activity, is an antagonist of glucocorticosteroids on the competitive mechanism.

Effect of drug depends on a phase of a menstrual cycle during which it came to an organism. Means increases sokratitelny ability of a myometrium and stimulates an exit interleykina-8 in horiodetsidualny cells, at the same time degree of sensitivity of a myometrium to prostaglandins considerably decreases.

As a result fetal egg is brought out of a decidua, the ovulation does not occur, the endometria becomes thin and weak. And in the presence of already oospore its implantation becomes impossible.

At oral administration in 1,5 hours drug reaches the maximum concentration in blood, its bioavailability – about 70%. Nearly 99% of percent of active ingredient contact proteins in plasma.

Removal of medicine is carried out in two phases, at first slowly, then in 12-72 hours much quicker. An elimination half-life – 17 hours.

Indications to use

Means is used as an emergency contraception after already perfect sexual intercourse (unsuccessful interruption, the torn condom, a mistake in a calendar method, the slipped condom, etc.). The maximum effective period when drug precisely works – 72 hours.


Contraceptive tablets cannot be used:

  • if prolonged treatment of GSK was carried out before;
  • at a porphyria;
  • at diseases of a liver or kidneys;
  • at anemia;
  • gipotrofirovanny function of adrenal glands;
  • at pregnancy;
  • during feeding by a breast;
  • allergies to drug components;
  • at disturbance of a homeostasis of an organism;
  • at heavy extragenital pathology.

Side effects

The most widespread side effects:

The instruction on Zhenala (a way and a dosage)

Drug is accepted inside, in 2 hours after food or for 2 to.

Before reception it is necessary to consult with the doctor.

According to the application instruction the pill needs to be taken within 72 hours after NPA.


At overdose there can be an adrenal insufficiency.


Within 8-12 days after reception of tablets it is not recommended to use non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Alcohol considerably reduces efficiency of means.

Terms of sale

For acquisition of medicine in a drugstore the recipe is necessary.

Storage conditions

To store in the dry, not hot place.

Period of validity

3 years.

Special instructions

Zhenale – means of an emergency contraception, it it is impossible to use several menstrual cycles in a row. At the subsequent sexual intercourses happening within a month after reception it is obligatory to use barrier methods of protection.

Drug does not protect from various STD and AIDS.

There are Zhenale's tablets containing 50 or 200 mg of active ingredient (for medicamentous abortion), they can be used only under control of the medical worker and according to the strict recommendation of the doctor.

Medicine does not exert impact on speed of response and concentration of attention.

Before reception of means it is necessary to make sure of lack of pregnancy. If after drug use pregnancy came, it is better to interrupt it with any method recommended by the doctor. If the woman decided to leave the child, it is impossible to guarantee that he will be born and will grow up healthy.

Efficiency of drug directly depends on body weight, at the excess weight efficiency decreases.


Widespread analogs of Zhenale: Ginepriston, Agesta, Mensofta, Mifegin, Mifepreks, Mifolian, Escapelle, Postinor, Ginestril, Miropriston, Mifepristone, Penkrofton.

Zhenale or Escapelle — what is better?

Escapelle belongs to the drugs containing progestogens (hormones). Means, unlike the original, is effective only the first 24-48 hours, after NPA. Also at reception of analog the probability of an extrauterine pregnancy increases. Cost of drugs approximately identical.

Postinor or Zhenale — what to choose?

Postinor contains progestogens too. Efficiency of means strongly depends on the body weight of the patient (at the original this indicator lower). After reception of analog a high probability of emergence of undesirable side effects – bleedings, the general feeling sick, a delay of the following periods. Both means are in one price category.


  • Zhenale of 10 mg No. 1 tabletkiizvarino LLC Farm
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