Women should pay attention to the symptoms connected with heart troubles

Women very often do not pay attention to manifestations of the first symptoms of heart attack, scientists from the United States claim. As a result, the American researchers note that cardiac diseases mortality rate among women is twice higher, than among men of the same age. Specialists from Yale university conducted survey among the women of middle age hospitalized with heart attack — from 30 to 55 years. Women were asked about when they noted the first signs of the problems connected with functions of heart and about when they made the decision to ask physicians for the help. Interrogated men for the purpose of comparison of their answers with answers of women later.

As a result scientists found out that rather often women just cannot adequately estimate a risk degree which is connected with heart diseases. Besides ladies prefer not to allow to care for themselves to close people, and as a result a campaign to the doctor who is capable to diagnose a problem at early stages, is for a long time delayed. As a result, primary help is not made, women very often do not receive necessary prevention of illnesses of heart. According to physicians, so negligent attitude to organism problems as a result conducts to very unpleasant effects and promotes increase of female mortality owing to cardiovascular diseases. Therefore it is necessary to remember that a sharp stethalgia, an asthma, display of dizziness, vomiting, nausea and sharp emergence of cold sweat is an occasion at once to address the doctor.

Meanwhile recently scientists reported one more interesting news: it appears, too large number of a dream can lead to increase in risk of development of a heart attack. Specialists conducted long-term research and, having analyzed its results, drew conclusions that the smallest probability of development of a heart attack is noted at people who sleep a day from 6 to 8 hours. But if the person prefers to sleep longer, that is more than eight hours a day, then the risk of manifestation at it is 46% higher than a myocardial infarction. But also too short time of a dream too badly influences a condition of heart and vessels. Therefore, to each person there is a sense to adjust a sleep pattern and wakefulnesses.

And here scientists from Finland for reduction of risk of development of illnesses of vessels and heart advise to visit a sauna. Owing to the made observation specialists were convinced that at the men visiting a sauna throughout long time, the probability of such diseases significantly decreased.

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