The Argentina bug will cure an illness

The area of dwelling of the Argentina bug or, so-called, becomes more extensive than a bug sorcerer in Russia every day. And it not the evidence of invasion of bugs wreckers. More likely, according to a large number of Russians, on the contrary. It is about treatment by the Argentina bug which becomes more and more popular in our country every year.

Аргентинские жукиTo Zhukoyedeniye as means for treatment of different illnesses, it is known for a long time. The modern science rather began to consider recently insects as receiving medicines. For example, in Soviet period widely used stimulin D – an extract from a bug of "paderus" whose action could cure a number of the most serious diseases, and drug influenced not an illness, and a nervous system. And the last researches conducted by the American scientists during whom the pheromone of bugs of a big flour hrushchak (Tenebrio molitor), the relative of the Argentina bug was studied showed existence of molecules of rejuvenescence as a part of pheromones.

In the homeland of bugs, in Argentina, they are eaten as medicine already long ago. There are certificates that else Aztecs used these bugs for treatment. The official medicine is silent so far, any studying of the Argentina bug at us in the country was not carried out. This bug is known to domestic science as the wrecker for crops.

Meanwhile, the Internet dazzles with messages on miracle force which is stored in himself by this little bug. Range of diseases of which it relieves is extensive. Bugs use for a cancer therapy, a diabetes mellitus, hepatitis, Parkinson's illness, bronchial asthma, osteoporosis, psoriasis, AIDS/HIV and other serious chronic illness.

The use of bugs by healthy people also renders a positive effect on an organism. Many note immunity increase, improvement of a condition of hair, nails and skin. The men accepting bugs claim about increase of a potentiality.

Внешний вид аргентинского жукаIt is all about the substance emitted by a bug which affects immune system of the person and by that helps to overcome this or that illness. In the course of treatment it is necessary to use insects, daily increasing quantity to 70 pieces then the number of the used bugs goes upside-down. Bugs it is not necessary to chew at all, they are placed in a glass, filled in with water and drink. At a proglatyvaniye of a bug many experience small and short-term numbness in a mouth which takes place in several days after the beginning of a course.

Distribution of an insect happens "from hand to hand". Bugs are very unpretentious in leaving and quickly breed. Eat grain and fruit. People store them in glass jars in heat. The most difficult in treatment is a psychological barrier, it is necessary to use insects whom at us in the country is it is not accepted.

Many are inclined to believe that numerous positive From the use of the Argentina bug that other as effect of auto-suggestion. The people sick with serious and incurable diseases, have a hope for successful disposal of an illness. Methods of auto-suggestion are widely used in modern medicine for treatment of many diseases. Anyway, it is necessary to show care, using the such "national" means which are not studied by medicine which can lead to any displays of an allergy.

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