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  • Latin name: Zineryt
  • ATH code: D10AF52
  • Active ingredient: Zinc acetate + Erythromycin (Zinc acetate + Erythromycin)
  • Producer: Astellas Pharma Europe B.V. (Netherlands)

Composition of Sinnerite

Two bottles with a complex of drugs and solvent intended for further mixing are a part of Sinnerite.

The first bottle with a complex of drugs includes 1200 mg of erythromycin and 360 mg of the micronized zinc dihydrate acetate – active ingredients.

The second bottle with solvent includes 8,36 ml of a diisopropyl sebakat and 21,6 ml of ethanol – additional components.

1 milliliter of the prepared lotion consists of 40 mg of erythromycin and 12 mg of the micronized zinc dihydrate acetate, and also 250 mg of a diisopropyl sebakat and 550 mg of ethanol.

Release form

The Astellas Pharma company lets out Sinnerite in the form of powder with the applied solvent for further preparation of solution. Two bottles on 30 ml (powder + solvent) and the applicator enter complex packaging.

Pharmacological action

Komedonolitichesky, antibacterial, antiinflammatory.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Sinnerite is the eritromitsino-zinc complex drug which is characterized by antiacne efficiency which is shown thanks to joint influence of its active ingredients.

Effects of an antibiotic of erythromycin are directed to suppression of replication of microorganisms (bacteriostatic action), defiant acnes (acne rash): epidermal streptococcus (Streptococcus epidermidis) and propionibakteriya of an acne (Propionibacterium acne).

Activity of zinc consists in its knitting action and decrease in allocation of a secret of sebaceous glands (skin fat).

Complex compound of all ingredients of drug creates good conditions of their penetration in integuments. The main part of zinc contacts follicular cells of an epithelium and does not get into a system blood stream. The small fraction of erythromycin is exposed to system absorption and in the subsequent is excreted from a human body.

Indications to use

The drug Sinnerite is developed for treatment of an acne (acne rash).


Before using Sinnerite, it is necessary to be convinced of absence at the patient of personal hypersensitivity to erythromycin (other macroleads), drugs of zinc or other HP ingredients as these states are the only contraindications to its appointment.

Side effects

Sometimes during treatment observed the local negative phenomena, including irritations of skin, feeling of its dryness or burning. In most cases these phenomena had poorly expressed character and did not demand cancellation of the carried-out therapy and/or purpose of a symptomatic treatment.

Sinnerite, application instruction

For the correct use of Sinnerite it is necessary to mix complex drug and solvent which for extension of period of storage of medicine are in different bottles. Before mixing both components of future lotion, it is necessary to be convinced of compliance of a period of validity of drug and integrity of both bottles. Recommendations are included below – how to make in house conditions solution Sinnerite from spots, suitable for further direct use.

Lotion preparation:

  • first of all it is necessary to unscrew caps (covers) from both bottles and at the same time to keep a cap from a bottle with a complex of drugs;
  • to pour out solvent in a bottle with powder and to twirl densely the kept cover;
  • immediately and carefully to shake up mix (for 60 seconds);
  • to remove a cap;
  • to take the applicator from protective packaging;
  • to insert the applicator into a bottle neck with lotion and to screw up a cover.

The solution prepared thus is ready to use and can remain at a temperature of 15-20 °C for 5 weeks. For control over a period of validity it is possible to write on a bottle with lotion date of its production.

The further application instruction of Sinnerite assumes its exclusively outside drawing. Having unscrewed a cover from a bottle with the prepared lotion, it is necessary to put the applicator to affected areas of skin and to apply drug with a thin layer, slightly pressing the basis obliquely of the located bottle. It is necessary to carry out applications on previously cleared sites of integuments with a frequency of 2 times of 24 hours (in the morning and in the evening). Speed of application depends at most pressure upon the bottle basis. The average single dose makes 0,5 ml. Duration of a full medical course can reach 10-12 weeks.

Photo before Zenerit's use for 10 weeks:

Фото до и после применения Зенерита на протяжении 10 недель.

Data on whether Sinnerite from spots on shorter term of its use helps, are especially individual. In certain cases observed improvement of a condition of integuments of the patient in 14 days of use of drug.


Because of features of outside use of lotion its overdose is improbable. Some patients possibly for the purpose of the fastest disposal of an acne use excessive amount of drug for applications. It is unknown whether such uneconomical expenditure of solution helps them to get rid of spots quicker or just leads to the next purchase of drug, but even in this case complaints to any atypical negative manifestations did not arrive.


Till today's time of clinically important interactions of a complex of ingredients of Sinnerite with other medicines it is not revealed.

Terms of sale

Sinnerite is an OTC medicine.

Storage conditions

Temperature range of storage of Zenerit has to correspond to 15-25 °C.

Period of validity

The closed bottles with ingredients of drug can remain for 3 years.

It is possible to use the prepared solution at most 5 weeks.

Special instructions

After putting drug on integuments and its full drying, lotion becomes invisible.

At long use of Zenerit forming of cross resistance in relation to other macroleads, Clindamycin and Lincomycin is theoretically possible.

When carrying out applications it is necessary to take the precautionary measures preventing drawing drug on mucous an eye, a nose and an oral cavity in order to avoid emergence of irritations and/or burns.

Zenerit's analogs

Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Before to replace drug with its analog, it is necessary to consult with the dermatologist who will help to pick up effective medicine in each separate case.

Zenerit's drugs analogs can be issued in various dosage forms and represent ointments, creams, lotions, solutions or gels.

Today Zenerit's analogs on the main destination (treatment of an acne) are provided by the following drugs:

That it is better: Sinnerite or Skinoren?

When comparing these two medicines it is necessary to remember that though both drugs and possess similar main action, but after all treat different pharmacological groups and include various active ingredients in the structure.

In a case with Sinnerite it is an eritromitsino-zinc complex, and in a case with Skinoren the azelaic acid. Both that, and another ingredients bacteriostatically are active, possess antiinflammatory efficiency and according to most of dermatologists enter the five of the best drugs used for therapy of acne rash.

Actually, to give a definite answer to a question what of these drugs is better – not so simply, proceeding from individual distinctions of a human body, it is possible to understand that medicine which will suit one patient can be absolutely not effective for another. So, because of presence at its structure of an antibiotic, are characteristic of Sinnerite faster action and Bol the expressed antiinflammatory effect though for the same reason, at the bacteria causing an acne resistance to its influence can develop, and drug will become simply not effective. In case of Skinoren's use activity of his operating ingredient develops more slowly, but and results of treatment more long. Also note that Sinnerite is suitable more for treatment of superficial spots whereas Skinoren perfectly copes with black points (comedones).

Anyway, at the choice of antiacne drug it is better to address the dermatologist, but not to follow the tastes of video or Internet advertizing which often pursue only own material interest.


  • Sinnerite powder for Preeg. solution for external use complete with solvent 30mlastellas Pharma Europe B.V.

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  • Sinnerite of a time. for prigot. solution for naruzh.primen. fl 30 ml, Astellas Pharma Europe B.V./YamonouchiНидерланды
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  • Sinnerite powder for preparation of solution for external use a bottle with an applicator 30 mlyamanuch of Farm (Italy)


  • Sinnerite of a time. baby solution 30mlyamanuchi
  • Sinnerite of a time. baby solution 30mlyamanuchi


  • Sinnerite of 30 ml por.d / solution naruzhn. Astellas of Farm Yurop B. V. (Netherlands)
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