About value of hair in our life

Hair play an important role in human life. Psychological and social value of hair, importance to health and other factors are invaluable to the person. For a long time hair are part of culture of the different people, transferring their originality. Today they are more than an indicator of a social status, they become way to express identity, to emphasize the personality, to transfer the state of mind.

Hair on a body of the person characterize it as mammal, but there are some differences. For example, long hair grow only on separate body parts: to the head, beard, breast, pubis and armpits. All other sites are covered with scarcely noticeable vellus hairs, or have no indumentum at all as palms and feet. As for vegetation in armpits, it is characteristic only of the person. Vegetation on a face at the person a sex sign while other mammals have no such differences.

The molt, as well as at all mammals belongs to one more characteristic feature, indumentum of the person is exposed to a molt which has seasonal character. The hair is updated for the person on mosaic type whereas animals can have a molt and wavy. If the number of the dropping-out hair does not exceed norm, it is not baldness, otherwise the hair loss can be considered as a disease.

Historical value of hair

Since ancient times special significance was attached to hair. In various cultures there are the norms and beliefs connected with hair. Today it is possible to find references of value of hair in different compositions of ancient historians, poets and philosophers. For example, a bright biblical scene about Samson whose force was in his hair, or the Slavic epos where women with the unplaited hair were equated to magicians.

Things are changing, also views of beauty, and value of hair change. So in Ancient Egypt the custom orders to shave the head, both to men, and women at achievement of age of majority. This ceremony symbolizes the victim to gods. After such sacrifice Egyptians wore a wig all life, purely shaving off the growing hair. At ancient Germans the beard was cut off to criminals as a disgrace symbol, and in the African countries the cut-off hair a sanctity symbol. The first Christians wore the hair long that was considered as an embodiment of purity and love to neighbors.

Over time historical value of hair became less acute, everything that was transferred up to now, it is symbolics of color of indumentum. So white hair transfer purity and innocence of the owner, the gold shade inherent in them is a divinity symbol. Copper and red color is connected with depravity and cunning, it is an adultery symbol. Such symbolics is connected with the red-haired goddess of love Venus. Black hair are a symbol of the demonic beginning, gloomy reputation, an evil print. Today subconsciously we also divide people on color of their hair.

As for vegetation on a face then history is ambiguous. So at the different people the beard at men had various value. And woman's face hair in at one time were considered as a God's sign of the darling, and in another as a sign of a devil.

Already much later natural beauty of hair was replaced by wigs. In the European countries the wig won the place, it was carried by both men, and women. And the last used very original constructions for these purposes. It was far simpler, than to look after own hair, value of hair for health was removed on a background. In the 18th century the developed countries in literal sense went mad on such fashion. And only in the 20th century this fashion was replaced on more acceptable for the present.

Psychological and social value of hair

О значении волос в нашей жизниToday to the forefront there is social value of hair. First of all a hairdress this the presentation in society, a symbol of success, health, sexual attractiveness. Today hair are some visual designation of age, health, character, mood, I.Q. In the world billions of dollars are spent for various means for leaving, laying, painting of hair.

From the psychological point of view the hairstyle speaks about internal state of the person. So shortly short-haired hair at the woman speak about her aspiration to career, development as professional. The long hair which are especially beautifully set speak about aspiration to feminity, sexuality. Bright colored hair speak about uncertainty, hysteria which is tried to be hidden behind defiant appearance. This aspiration to draw attention to itself at any cost.

At men the hairstyle is important not less. She is urged to emphasize courage, and even the shaven scalp speaks about same. An exception hairstyles make a unisex, are so popular with emo. They speak about difficult perception of this world, it as is, sincere vulnerability.

The unhealthy type of hair even more often becomes the reason of bad mood, a depression. The hair loss is considered a problem number one which makes profit for cosmetic and pharmaceutical firms, trampling, thus on tuberculosis, HIV infection and AIDS, development of means from baldness and dandruff occupies the lion share of production of medicinal and cosmetic drugs.

Value of hair for health

The science about health of hair and their value for health of the person – a trichology, began to develop relatively recently. But value of hair for health is known long ago. In classification of medical professions there is no such specialist as the trichologist yet, but that not to a manna of a problem of hair do not remain unnoticed by them the dermatokosmetologiya is engaged.

By the nature hair on a body of the person are a protective barrier. First of all it is thermal control. In cold time hair detain warm air at a body, thereby protecting from overcooling. At high temperatures the air layer taken by hairs keeps body temperature, without allowing it to raise. At difference of temperatures it is possible to notice how hairs become straight. The stronger they are straightened, the more airbag around a body.

Eyelashes represent protection for mucous an eye, on them parts which in the return case would get into eyes accumulate, causing irritation. Eyebrows in turn protect eyes and a face from sweat. As if the vegetation in nostrils and ears was not unpleasant, these hairs protect our organism from hit of foreign bodys inside.

Health of hair displays also the general condition of an organism, so a lack of minerals and vitamins, is shown by fragility and a faded hair color. The hair loss is often connected with a surplus in a cholesterol organism, diseases of a liver and kidneys. Dandruff and seborrhea, and also the increased fat content most often arises during the periods of a stress and depression.

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