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Diseases of teeth affect the person very often now. It occurs in connection with influence of a set of negative factors: stresses, food, smoking, wrong care of teeth, etc. Therefore in the modern world each person has to trace carefully a dental health and at the first symptoms of such diseases to address the stomatologist. If to ignore a problem, then as a result at the person caries of teeth develops that gradually leads to irreversible destruction of tooth.

Caries of teeth

Caries is the most dangerous enemy for teeth. In development of this disease there is a slow destruction of tooth. Under the influence of pathological process the minerals which are a part of an adamantine substance of tooth are dissolved. As a result there is a cavity in earlier healthy tooth. And at a further course of a disease there can be a pulpitis. At the same time at the person intensity of pain which annoys him more and more over time gradually increases.

Process of demineralization happens under the influence of microorganisms, and also products of their life activity. Depending on process depth specialists define the uncomplicated and complicated caries. The uncomplicated form of an illness, in turn, is subdivided into caries in spot stages, caries superficial, and also caries cervical, average, deep.

At the complicated illness form at the person pulpitises and periodontitis already develop.

At a pulpitis the doctor initially deletes to the patient a nerve and its shoots, then seals up the root channel, and after that already seal up tooth.

But if caries only begins, then the nerve can be not deleted. At an initial stage of an illness the mineral of enamel is recovered by means of special solution. At the subsequent stages of caries processing of a carious cavity then tooth is sealed up is carried out. The success of treatment of caries always depends on several factors: professionalism of the doctor, quality of materials, and also from that, how timely the patient asked for the help. Seals for teeth help to overcome an illness and to slow down its development.


Девушка на приеме у стоматологаFilling is a good way to get into condition not only, but also functions of tooth which was injured by caries. Tooth in which the seal was correctly established hurts only right after the end of sealing. After people can feel that its functions are almost full again. What types a tooth would not be filled by the stomatologist, initially he makes removal of fabric which was struck with caries. Further the doctor carefully cleans the places infected with a disease, and the zone after that cleaned is filled with solution which prevents a course of a disease further. As a result, tooth does not collapse any more.

The cost of a seal of tooth is determined depending on quality of material of which it is made. So, if to the patient the photopolymeric seal is established, then in that case the price of a seal of tooth will be higher, than when using usual material. But anyway to define precisely, how much is to fill a tooth tooth in each case, only the doctor after careful survey of teeth of the patient can.

Modern stomatologists carry out sealing of teeth by means of the latest equipment and technologies. Therefore process is not connected for the patient with considerable unpleasant feelings. If necessary local anesthesia after which, the patient, being in consciousness, pain does not feel is carried out.

Types of fillings

Modern stomatologists carry out sealing of teeth, using different sealing materials which provide durability and reliability, at the same time being safe for health of the person.

Seals are subdivided on temporary and constant. If to the person the constant seal is established, and at the same time all rules and technologies are followed, then it has to stand on an extent of many years. At the same time the situation when the patient is hurt by tooth after sealing, is inadmissible.

There are different types of seals made of various materials. Metal seals are made of different types of amalgam (alloys of metals with mercury so are called). Silver amalgam is most often applied. However recently often speak about harm of mercury. Therefore such materials are used when sealing more and more seldom.

Now also sealing with use of cement seals practices. At the same time cements the material executed on the basis of phosphates and also stekloionomerny cements is applied generally. By means of phosphatic cements sealing of the channel of tooth and the subsequent establishment of seals widely practiced earlier, several decades ago. However such seals were badly fixed and quickly used up.

Seals from svetopolimerny materials are often established by modern stomatologists. It is light-cured cement, composite polymers, composites. Thanks to special glue system the seal well keeps on tooth. Svetopolimer hardens under the influence of light of a special lamp. By means of this material the stomatologist can create a seal as it is required in a specific case. Therefore seals from such material can be done on different surfaces, to recover the broken-away parts of teeth, etc.

Здоровые белые зубыStekloionomerny cements also provide high cosmetic effect, differed in due firmness. Such material is long-lasting, steady, and the prices of it are quite acceptable.

One more group of materials by means of which sealing including foreteeth, it is composites and plastic is carried out. Such materials have different fillers. However these materials also have a number of shortcomings, in particular toxicity, tendency to various reactions, etc.

Composite seals wipe under color of teeth. But it is necessary to consider that big seals do not do of composite material as it is very quickly chopped off or erased. Besides such seal is often painted from coffee, tobacco, tea. As a rule, the established composite seal can serve about 10 flyings. At the same time complaints that after sealing of channels tooth hurts sound seldom if the seal is established by the professional.

Sometimes stomatologists establish gold seals which differ in high reliability. At the same time patients easily transfer sealing of teeth such materials, and the question why tooth after treatment hurts, practically does not arise. The person can note discomfort because tooth, only during the first hours after sealing aches. Such seal is almost imperceptible in a mouth: on a photo or video it is difficult to distinguish it. But the price of such material is higher, and the doctor establishes it much longer, than a usual seal. Therefore, sealing of milk teeth such material does not practice.

Temporary seal

The temporary seal is applied by stomatologists in the course of treatment of a pulpitis or the started caries as the intermediate stage. As a rule, if tooth intensively hurts the patient, a temporary seal is what treatment at the stomatologist does not do without. Also temporary seals apply to treatment of channels of teeth. Their use allows to observe a condition of the patient and to make the correct decision on the subsequent treatment of tooth. The temporary seal is established precisely as and at the most usual tooth filling. Material for such insert is material for cementation which mixes up with the medical tab which is individually picked up in each case. Sometimes it is arsenic, however, also other substances which use depends on that are used, tooth, etc. how intensively hurts. If to the patient filled such tooth in tooth, then he, first of all, is interested in a question how many go with a temporary seal, and also what to do if such seal dropped out.

The term of stay in tooth of such seal depends, first of all, on that why the doctor addresses such method, from its structure and technology, that is how correctly it was established. If such seal too soft, crumbles or took off, then it is established to the patient once again. But in most cases the temporary seal rushes no more than one month. It is important to address surely the specialist as soon as the temporary seal took off from tooth, in a cavity which appeared, the food can get that will lead to inflammatory process. Later, after completion of treatment, the temporary seal is deleted and changed for real.

Tooth tabs

Зубные вкладки у девушкиSometimes caries affects very most part of tooth, and at the same time it becomes deep and extensive. Such tooth hardly gives in to high-quality sealing and to recover it to the doctor very difficult even for several medical sessions. Tooth tabs are in that case applied. These are peculiar prostheses which are applied for the purpose of recovery of an anatomic form of a tooth crown which was affected by caries, or other pathology became the reason of its destruction. The existing types of tooth tabs allow to seal up big cavities, to facilitate installation of crowns, to create a support for a bridge-like prosthesis. By means of counter tabs which are established on the opposed teeth are used to prevent deleting of tissues of teeth. The price of installation of such tabs depends on many factors therefore the doctor has to determine a total cost of such treatment only individually.

Stomatologists apply tabs to teeth at treatment relatively long ago. Materials of which tabs in teeth are made are very various. This gold of high test, alloys of platinum, silver, palladium. But the tab can be not only metal. Modern tooth tabs do of ceramics, composite materials, sitall. A number of materials in modern stomatology is not used any more, and instead of them apply other technologies.

Ceramic tabs allow to repeat faultlessly a form and color of tooth, and at the same time the ideal prileganiye of edges is provided. Such tabs can serve many years. Seals have a number of advantages and from metal, however they do not repeat natural color of tooth. Color of tabs from plastic cannot remain steady throughout a long time. Besides such material can be porous.

The composite materials made of a polymeric basis and certain substances in it are widely used now. Before establishment of such tab the mold of a tooth cavity is made. To simulate a tab, modeling wax is applied. But before it tooth is processed for a tab by a drill, and sanitation is carried out not to allow development of caries under a tab. Before establishment of tabs preparation of tooth under a crown is applied. Tooth tabs establish if necessary and on foreteeth. They differ in a number of advantages: denture treatment allows to provide with tabs the necessary durability, resistance to destruction and influence of aggressive substances. Tabs are stronger, than ordinary seals, they are erased not so quickly.

Use of tooth tabs provides use of a direct, indirect way of production of tabs, and also computer modeling.

Tooth tabs are fixed in a cavity by cement or the special sticking together material. After that it is possible to make several actions: to finally process a tooth surface that its look was the most natural, to establish a crown or a bridge-like prosthesis. Use of tooth tabs in stomatology is widely combined with use of other technologies.

When performing all actions connected with installation of tooth tabs, the doctor uses anesthesia which kind is selected depending on features of a problem and the patient's wishes. Materials for seals and tooth tabs are also selected taking into account all wishes of the patient. At the same time color, brightness, transparency of tooth is surely considered.

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